Graphic Designing - PhotoShop | Illustrator | Indesign

Photoshop:   Photoshop is an editor and rasterize based program which can modify aa normal image to n attractive image for our customizing. No.1 photographic tool in the world and in industries.

Illustrator:   Illustrator is a creator and a vecotor based program. It helps to create any type of design, drawing, logo and so on. This is the no1 Graphic Designing tool since its inention.

Indesign:    Indesign is an user friendly application. This uses to develop a book, document & advertising.This is being used in all the printing and publishing purpose totally a commercial software.

  • Mon – Fri ( 6 Weeks ) | 06.30 AM - 7.30 PM Time (IST) (any 2 hours)

  • Sat – Sun ( 8 Weeks ) | 07.00 AM - 7:30 PM Time (IST) (any 3 hours)

Why this course?

  • Graphic designing opportunities are everywhere, top MNC such as TCS, CTS,HCL, IBM and so on, in every cosmopolitan and metropolitan city
  • Every TV channel and media needs a graphic designer
  • Graphic designer works are everywhere you can see on hoardings, movie poster, online video, logo & professional photography.
  • There are plenty of startups and new companies do have openings and it is a demanding job in india.

Objective of the course

  • Trivid provides 100% fundamental exercise with advanced tips and no prior knowledge is required to enroll this course
  • Its really an amazing course, a very less theoretical class will be taught and its for interview purpose
  • This course will certainly improve your skill and creativity
  • By the end of the course you will be able to create/edit any complex and beautful images


No prior or graphical knowledge or experience required. Only a strong desire towards your goal!

Graphic Designing Course Syllabus

  • 1 Introduction about Photoshop
  • 2 How to open, create, edit, format, size, mode & save
  • 3 Working with images such as photos
  • 4 Tools of Photoshop
  • 5 Changing and removing the background images
  • 6 Working with Layers and Channels
  • 7 Colors and multi-colors concepts
  • 8 Poor image to rich image (Low Quality to High Quality)
  • 9 How to fix old and damages photos
  • 10 Make up, masking, deleting and creating
  • 11 Applying effects (B&W image to colorful image)
  • 12 Creating GIF & collage photos
  • 13 Creating movie posters and Movie Title name
  • 14 Create UI designing (Basic website designing without coding)
  • 15 Mini Projects and Test
  • 16 Difference between Photoshop and Illustrator
  • 17 How to create shapes, lines, and importing images
  • 18 How to use symbols and brushes
  • 19 How to create an animation tree
  • 20 Update and animation into a new one
  • 21 How to create a flash animation
  • 22 How to create a brochure, banner, event invitation, business card, digital/visual resume and flyer
  • 23 How to create a logo, symbol and icon
  • 24 How to create animation for video
  • 25 How to apply advanced and realistic colors
  • 26 How to draw a human animation
  • 27 How to design and create new fonts
  • 28 How to duplicate any document, paper and designs
  • 29 How to create 3D objects
  • 30 Mini projects and Test
  • 31 How to create layout, leading, kerning, spaces for books, magazines and other printing works
  • 32 How to link and insert other format arts
  • 33 What is unique and special features of Indesign
  • 34 Segregate and allocate the contents
  • 35 How to make a normal page into an eye catching content
  • 36 Typography
  • 37 How to make an e-book for online and PDF
  • 38 Interview Preparation
  • 39 Mini Project
  • 40 Portfolio preparation